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RCA Magazine May/June 2015

In this issue, we bring you opinions, articles and an update on news and events.
What is it that really stands between you and what you want for your life?
“Dear Editor Re: ‘Editorial – ‘The Future of Work' An excellent report on the future of the working life! It is spot on and very evident that change is really upon us all. People have to be alert to...
A new report shows hard retail data, consumer needs and behavior, combined with macro-economic datasets are better indicators of opportunity and success in African markets
2015 is expected to be a positive year for Equity Capital Markets activity in Africa after a year which saw the highest level of activity in African equity capital markets for five years, says PwC.
Sub-Saharan Africa's growth has outpaced political reform and 2015 will start to show some of the political limits to sub-Saharan Africa's growth story, says an authoritative guide for policy makers.
Afrimari (African Maritime) is a professional networking group specialising in the dynamic and fast-growing African maritime, energy and trade related sectors.
Returning to the UK after spending three years in Ghana, Elvina Quaison shares her observations about life as a Western African in the Diaspora.
Food enthusiasts and African migrant communities across the UK can now access a new online platform showcasing African cuisine.
Goal setting isn't just for January and that this is a good time to course correct if you are drifting away from your new year intentions, says Andrena Sawyer.
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