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RCA Magazine November/December 2015 Issue

In this issue, we bring you opinions, articles and an update on news and events.
Who said nepotism was only an African affliction? It’s alive and well and a global phenomenon.
"Dear Editor This new format is absolutely wonderful and filled with so much information.”
The 2015 African Retail Development Index reveals the most attractive developing markets across Africa for expansion.
Recent political developments in Mozambique mark the beginning of an important era, says a new report.
The inspiring Bernice Blackie shares the story behind her journey from Liberia to a successful gospel career in the United States.
How do you turn things around in a job you hate, or kick-start your motivation when leaving is not an immediate option? Antoinette Hancel provides some invaluable tips to help you take control of...
Exciting career opportunities and the potential for innovation are driving Africans in the USA to return home and presenting a significant shift in reasons why Africans in the US are returning home.
Dear Career Coach, I’ve just returned to the UK after five years working overseas, most of it in Africa. Can you advise how I can convince an employer that I still have skills to offer, even though I’ve...
A new report on youth entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa paints an alarming picture for a growing population of ambitious and entrepreneurial young people.
Understanding the importance of the transformation of the role of Human Resources in Africa is the focus of an exciting conference taking place in Nairobi in November.
The Global African Investment Summit is an annual event connecting global investors with African public and private bankable project owners seeking financing and advisory solutions.
A round-up of recent news from the UK, Africa and around the world.
“What I learned along the way is … …that this life we live is not a rehearsal, so whatever you do, do it well and enjoy it. And if it doesn’t make you smile, change it.’
The following is a listing of events taking place in the UK and overseas in November and December 2015. For further information, please contact the organisers directly.PLEASE NOTE: ReConnect Africa...
Author and Coach Steve Beckles-Ebusua tackles the tough issue of communicating effectively with young people and how to get it right.
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