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RCA Magazine March/April 2016

In this issue, we bring you opinions, articles and an update on news and events.
As a woman with bills to pay, the gender disparity that irks me the most is the pay gap between men and women.
African Capital Markets continue to reflect strong figures for 2015 – but challenging times may lie ahead, says a new report by PWC.
The Homecoming Revolution Insights Report sets out the key reasons Africans move abroad, what they miss most when they are there, what links them to home and the triggers that encourage them to...
Already losing momentum with your 2016 objectives? Setting goals that continue to engage us can be tough, says Leadership expert and careers coach, Jane Adshead-Grant, who offers some insightful and...
A revealing report highlights the impact of unconscious bias and how Diversity benefits are ignored as managers continue to hire in their own image.
Dear Career Coach, A number of my colleagues and I naturally speak our language to each other at work. Someone has complained and says it is a problem for them.
March 2016 brings the most exciting customer experience event South Africa has ever seen.
Agritech Expo offers visitors a unique opportunity to meet some of the world's leading agricultural companies and network with fellow agricultural professionals and government officials.
A round-up of recent careers, business and other news from the UK, Africa and around the world.
“The best advice I ever received is … ……“be yourself, everyone else is taken”.
What’s on in March and April? Take a look at our listing of free and paid-for events and activities and take advantage of discounts available to our subscribers.
Fitness coach and wellness expert ‘Coach Cass’ Nuamah shares some tips on how to make those much needed lifestyle changes.
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