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ReConnect Africa is a unique website and online magazine for the African professional in the Diaspora. Packed with essential information about careers, business and jobs, ReConnect Africa keeps you connected to the best of Africa.

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Managing Your Career

Share your thoughts on managing your professional career

To celebrate the start of ReConnect Africa’s 15th year of serving as a business and careers publication and portal for thousands of African professionals, we’d love to hear your thoughts on how you manage your own professional career.

Many of you work in an international context and have experience of working in both developed and developing markets, giving you a wide perspective on professional career management.

Please access the professional career survey (hosted by Protagion*) at:


    The career survey explores your perspectives on managing your professional career including:

  • What drives you
  • Your professional qualifications
  • Dimensions of work fulfilment: satisfaction, achievement/challenge, support
  • Career questions or challenges you have faced in recent years or are currently facing
  • How you addressed these challenges and what difficulties you faced in resolving them
  • Sources of career guidance/support you would call on
  • Top career goals you would want support with
  • How much you would invest (and have previously invested) to achieve your career goals
  • Thank you in advance for your time in sharing your experiences with us. The results of the survey will inform future career-related articles on ReconnectAfrica.

    * Protagion offers active career management services for professionals, helping our members make and sustain proactive changes that lead to long-term career success, including lifelong learning. Our members include qualified professionals like accountants, actuaries, asset managers, investment bankers, risk managers etc in Africa and in the Diaspora. We digitally assist our proteges to improve both their personal career fulfilment and earnings profile, including through coaching and professional mentoring. Both personalised and technological, we guide and support our proteges along their career journeys. Visit Protagionfor more details.

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